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Excellent Care!

Post-auto accident recovery was immensely shortened because of Dr. Hernandez' treatments. My daughter and I were rear-ended, and our car was totaled. Despite the severity of the accident, we were quickly healed because of regular treatments at Blue Mtn Chiro and because we followed Dr. Hernandez' instructions (specific stretches and exercises) in between appointments. I also appreciated his fatherly words of wisdom to my teenager. What a caring, thoughtful person!

– Wendy Terrado

Excellent Doctor

The office offers a small town, personal relationship with patients. I head there first when I injure my back through heavy lifting. The doctor makes time for me and relief is immediate.

– Lucas

Top Rated Customer Care

Small office with amazing attention to detail. I have had exceptional results with the treatment of lower back pain (it's gone!), my husband is getting relief from stress-induced neck/shoulder pain. The doctor is very well educated, and user friendly!!

– Gickie00
Excellent results
I have been using Dr. Hernandez, who is the owner of Blue Mountain Chiropractic, for many years, he is wonderful to talk to, listens well and does the adjustments professionally. He tells me follow up excercises to do, like stretching to help maintain the freedom of movement in my problem areas.
For this specific appointment, I was having a stiff neck and headaches. Once he adjusted me I felt great, no more pain.
-Diane Rank